We Help Maximise the Performance and Sustainability of Growth Environments

Cultinova develop, manufacture and support monitoring, control and data analysis solutions that enable agronomists, growers, scientists and researchers to maximise plant health while minimising the use of natural resources.

Our customised solutions can be tailored for use in virtually any agricultural or horticultural application, from the measurement of environmental parameters at remote field locations through to the monitoring, control and analysis of complex vertical farming operations in controlled environment agriculture.

We utilise our own specially developed equipment and web-based data analysis tools to realise turn-key solutions that enable our clients and partners to understand and control plant growth, resulting in improved yields, lower costs and reduced environmental impact of their operations.

Customised Solutions using Robust and Scalable Technology

Crop types and growth environments vary, as do the objectives of those responsible for maintaining plant health or reducing environmental impact within a particular application or market.

To address this, Cultinova produce customised solutions that are matched to the technical and budgetary requirements of our clients and partners. We utilise our custom designed modular, scalable hardware and software portfolio to realise bespoke turn-key solutions that are optimised to a wide variety of agricultural, horticultural and environmental applications.

Our systems allow the integration of most types of sensor and control of a wide range of third-party equipment and infrastructure. We offer robust touch-screen controllers running our powerful yet intiutive software for data logging and analysis and implementation of recipes at growth sites or on-line dashboards for the analysis and control of site operations via moble devices such as tablets or smart-phones.

We utilise sound project management techniques to ensure that the desired solution is delivered within budget and on-time and all of our systems are fully tested prior to delivery, resulting in true plug-and-play operation once installation is complete.

We have experienece integrating a wide range of sensors with our systems.

Our systems automatically controls 3rd-party equipment and infrastucture.

We enable precision measurement & control of light spectrum and intensity.

Plug-&-Play wireless connectivity for sensor and actuators at remote locations.

Integrated Cloud Data Storage, Analytics and Control

Cultinova monitoring and control systems utilise state-of-the-art telemetry to connect our sensing and control hardware to the Internet and our secure cloud-based analytics and site management tool. Our plug-&-play Internet-of-Things solutions enable users to access and manage their site from any location and at any time.

The Cultinova web-service allows sensor data to be viewed, shared and integrated with 3rd-party information such as weather forecasts or satellite imaging to support and optimise key decision making processes.

Our web-based software automatically compares current and historical measurement data to user defined setpoints stored in the form of recipes that are optimised for particular crops and growth environments.

Recipes are used to generate alarms when parameters fall outside target values and also send commands back to our control hardware where irrigation, nutrient delivery and lighting levels can be modified.

Connect a wide range of sensors to the cloud using Cultinova wireless telemetry solutions Push measurement data directly to the Cultinova cloud computing service Optimise decision making processes through analysis and sharing of data Modify irrigation, nutrient delivery and lighting schedules remotely Define upper and lower parameter limits and receive email alerts when bounds are met Integrate third-party data such as weather forecasting or remote imaging Secure on-line accounts with various levels of access

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