At Cultinova, we realise customised web-enabled sensing and data management solutions, designed to help tackle some of the world‘s most pressing challenges, from food security to sustainable urbanisation, environmental protection and health-related issues.

Our mission is to leverage the power of the Internet-of-Things in order to improve the way we produce and consume food, design our cities and preserve our natural resources.

Empowering Stakeholders with Reliable Data

Our configurable data acquisition hardware and cloud-based data management tools enable our clients to maximise the productivity and sustainability of growth environments.

Collect Data

Measure a wide range of environmental, atmospheric and plant-specific parameters.

Connect Data

Interconnect sensors and move data seamlessly into the cloud via any Internet connection.

Fuse Data

Enrich your data-sets with external human or machine generated information.

Visualise Data

Understand, manage and share your data with our bespoke web applications.

Customisable Technology

We use our existing portfolio of hardware and software to realise turn-key sensing and data management solutions that are matched to our customers' requirements.


Using our universal interface units, we can integrate most types of sensor with our systems. We design and manufacture customised sensors too.

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Our systems can control a wide variety of growth support infrastructure such as irrigation, nutrient delivery, lighting and climate control.

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We provide a range of wired and wireless telecommunications solutions which capture data at remote locations and push it into the cloud.

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We develop customised web applications which provide users with easy and secure access to their data via smartphone, tablet or desktop PC.

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Engineering Expertise

At Cultinova, we have years of experience producing state-of-the-art hardware and software for sensing, control, telecommunications and data management applications.

Our expertise allows us to deliver customised systems utilising the complete Internet-of-Things stack, providing our partners and clients with access to IoT solutions that empower their business or field of application.

Hardware Development

We have experience developing a wide range of customised electronics for bespoke sensors, third-party sensor interfaces, actuator controllers, data-loggers and HVAC.

Software Development

We can produce reliable and intuitive data management software solutions for most types of mobile device, desktop computers, human machine interfaces and cloud-based applications.

Wireless Systems

We develop robust customer specific wireless telemetry solutions using a range of protocols such as LoRa, Zigbee, GPRS/3G/4G. We can also support in the certification of wireless hardware.

Internet of Things

We support our clients and partners in the development of turn-key Internet-of-Things solutions for use in horticulture, agriculture, urban infrastructure monitoring and environmental monitoring.

Applications & Markets

Agriculture &

We provide growers and agronomists with the data and information they need to make sound decisions for increased productivity and sustainability in arable farming as well as controlled environment agriculture and horticulture.


Monitoring environmental parameters is key to addressing challenges associated with climate change, sustainable cities and modern agriculture. Our customised solutions collect, store and visualise data on soil, water and air quality, precipitation and much more.


Sensing and data management have the potential to make cities more resilient, happier, healthier places to live. Our systems support urban green infrastructure monitoring, water management and Food-Water-Energy Nexus research.

Health &

By supporting urban green infrastructure, safe agricultural and horticultural practices and environmental protection, our technologies contribute to mitigating the health risks associated with fertilisers, air and waterborne pollutants and stress.

Sample Projects

At Cultinova we enable those responsible for plant welfare and environmental sustainability to improve the understanding and performance of growth environments.

Please click on the links below to learn more about some of the publically funded projects we are currently supporting.


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