Cultinova supply hardware and software for monitoring and controlling indoor farming environments.

Horticultural Lighting

Nutrient Management

Environmental Monitoring

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Cultinova develop and support customisable software tools for the management of indoor farming operations.

Operations Management

Quality & Supply Chain

Compliance & Auditing

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Our modular sensing and control systems can be adapted to match any operation 

Cultinova monitoring and control systems connect to most types of sensor, pump, valve, actuator, or horticultural light fitting and can support up-to 500 individual monitoring and control elements, enabling the development of truly flexible and scalable solutions. 

Intuitive Data Management

Simple System Configuration

Fully Programmable

We support the key elements of indoor farming

Intelligent Lighting

Cultinova control systems are easily configured to control horticultural lighting from most manufacturers, enabling the optimisation of energy use and plant-light interactions. From simple on-off timing through to advanced dynamic control, our intelligent lighting provides the perfect high performance grow light solution.

Nutrient Delivery

Cultinova hardware connects to a wide range of sensors, valves, pumps, and actuators to realise nutrient delivery systems which maximise yield within CEA configurations. Local and remote operation, data logging, setpoint and alarm definition are all made easy via our touch screen controller and web-based technology.


Temperature, relative humidity, CO2 and airflow are just some of the parameters that are critical to ensuring the best environmental conditions within CEA. Cultinova systems gather data from multiple sensors distributed throughout growth environments to ensure optimised conditions are achieved and maintained.

We offer extensive infrastructure connectivity

We Monitor

  • Atmospherics: temperature, humidity, CO2 concentration, particulate, air flow, leaf wetness
  • Nutrients: EC, pH, dissolved oxygen, single ion concentration, level, flow
  • Lighting: intensity (UV-VIS), spectrum (VIS)
  • Substrates: moisture, temperature, EC, pH
  • Generic: weight, position, real-time video, power consumption

We Control

  • Lighting: ​LEDs, HPS, Fluorescent
  • Pumps: irrigation (low voltage and mains), peristaltics, UV filters
  • Valves: solenoid and variable position
  • Actuators: electrical (motor driven), phneumatic, vents
  • Fans and Extractors
  • Tank Heaters and Coolers

We Connect

  • Analogue Inputs: 0-10V, 4-20mA, Pulse Counters, Pulse Width Modulation
  • Digital Inputs: RS232, RS485, SDI-12, I2C, Ethernet, USB
  • Analogue Outputs: 0-48VAC/DC, 4-20mA, Pulse Width Modulation, 240VAC to 2kW
  • Digital Outputs: RS232, RS485, I2C, DALI, MODBUS
  • Web & IoT: Flexible API for remote operation and connection to third-party systems

At Cultinova, we know that controlled environment agriculture operations differ in terms of scale, complexity and objectives.

As such, we have developed a modular cloud based software tool that can be configured to manage a wide range of CEA operations.

From the daily running of a greenhouse or vertical farm, through to data gathering, mangement and sharing, resource managment, auditing and certification, our software automates critical tasks and brings the core aspects of farm mangement together in one place.

Our software utilises configurable APIs that allow it to communicate with other systems and infrastucture such as Cultinova's own sensing and control solutions, building management systems or external certification bodies.

From measuring a simple set of sensor parameters through to managing production in a large-scale plant factory, our cloud software scales with users' requirements and can be configured to perfectly match a wide range of CEA applications.

Delivering the functionality you require

Being modular allows us to configure our cloud software solutions to your requirements. This means that you pay only for the functionality you require and maintain a clear upgrade path as your CEA operations grows.


Our cloud software enables the realisation of custom dashboards for the management of complete CEA operations. Human and machine data is collected to coordinate work flows, from stock control through to harvesting, packaging and storage, resulting in a complete CEA management solution.

Compliance & Reporting

Our workflow management and cloud connectivity tools enable the automation of audit and certification processes within CEA growth operations. Quality control, environmental sustainability and carbon crediting are all possible using Cultinova's web-based data management and connectivity tools.

Skills Management

Running a successful CEA operation requires a diverse set of skills. From agronomics to machine maintenance our software enables farm managers to keep track of human resource availability with respect to farm processes, enabling the coordination of people and operations with ease.

Six Steps to Digitisation

Operations Analysis


At Cultinova we work closely with our clients to develop an in-depth understanding of their CEA operation and identify where the benefits of digitisation lie.

Process Definition


Cultinova identify the process steps and work flows within a CEA business, enabling us to generate a digital description of the complete farming operation.



Cultinova configure their cloud software to deliver the functionality required by the farming operation and this is made available to the client.



Cultinova assist the client in the definition of process steps and optional elements such as skills, documentation, maintenance scheduling and complience. 



With the client's support, the cloud system is tested within the farming operation. Issues are resolved and modifications made where necessary.



Cultinova support the client in the use of their digital CEA management solution, providing further development and future updates when required.

Cultinova systems in practice

Cultinova's modular hardware and software is tried and tested and has been applied to a wide variety of Controlled Environment Agriculture settings.

From the conversion of existing building structures into vertical farms, grow containers, greenhouses and autonomous indoor growth units, Cultinova systems optimise plant growth, resource usage and operations from seed to harvest and beyond. 

Here are some examples of where Cultinova systems are being used.  


We provide technical advice on most aspects of CEA for both hybrid and fully enclosed systems 

System Design

We design bespoke CEA monitoring and control systems to our client's specifications

Custom Software

We develop customised software for CEA operations and vertical farm management

Remote Support

We provide remote web-based training and support for our systems and software