Features Include

Intelligent LED lighting control and automated nutrient delivery with independent control of LED lighting from third party suppliers.

Three trial zones, each with different crops and different sensing and control requirements with independent control of each trial zone adjusted by the user

Atmospheric and nutrient sensing in each zone, including temperature, relative humidity, carbon dioxide, dissolved oxygen, eletrical conductivity, alkalinity and more


The solution can be expanded or amended to suit future trials


The local controller has an intuitive touchscreen user interface for programming without coding knowledge 


The EDEN controller offers internet connectivity for software updates, remote control and support through Cultinova


Cultinova provides training, installation and technical support during the individual growth trials.

Working Group Growing Knowledge 

"Growing Knowledge" stands for the expertise of our interdisciplinary working group in cultivating plants as well as for the knowledge gain that we pursue with our research projects in the field of application-oriented plant sciences. Research focuses of our group are
the development of cultivation systems in order to increase resource efficiency and value creation potential,
the quality optimization of plant-based products and
urban horticulture.

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