Cultinova’s modular technology platform enables rapid and cost effecive realisation of fully customised CEA farm management systems which simplify farming operations while promoting maximised yields and reduced resource use.

Configure your system!

EDEN consists of  a range of modular hardware, software and connectivity elements which are fully configurable to realise tailored solutions for CEA.

Cultinova’s professional grade solutions work either independently or in combination with other Cultinova modules and our cloud framework software, as well as a wide range of third party equipment

EDEN hardware consists of sensing and control modules, each with functionality for interfacing to sensors, controlling pumps or dimming lights.

Sensing and control modules are mounted within the EDEN chassis which provides power, data and protection against the environment.

Multiple EDEN chassis units can be linked together and connected to the web-enabled EDEN controller.

The controller gathers data from the sensors and issues control commands based upon user defined schedules to realise a configurable and expandable control system optimised for your CEA operation.


EDEN in practice

Conversion of a building structure into an indoor farm 

Working in collaboration, Cultinova and the University of Applied Sciences in Osnabrueck converted an existing building structure into an indoor farm to conduct trials on novel crops and innovative cultivation methods for indoor farming.