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Introducing Cultinova365

Cultinova365 is an Internet-of-Things (IoT) based workflow management, data management, traceability and auditing tool for controlled environment agriculture.

It enables the efficient management of daily operations, monitoring of process performance, adherence to standards and response to non-conformities at multiple locations via a single web-based user interface.


  • Define unlimited workflows
  • Schedule employee tasks
  • Monitor daily operations
  • Link tasks with employees & their skills
  • Document management system


  • Powerful and scalable IoT layer
  • Measure critical parameters
  • Automatically record data in workflows
  • Compatible with most sensor types
  • Web API for 3rd-party M2M integration


  • Customisable data dashboard
  • Share data via download or web API
  • Set alarms based upon real-time data
  • Integrated statistical analysis engine
  • Predict trends using workflow data 

Monitor, manage and react from any place at any time on any device with Cultinova365  

  • Secure Login to user accounts
  • Define multiple user types such as manager, supervisor operator or consultant
  • Control the functions and data that users can access on your system

Seamless IoT Integration

Cultinova365 integrates with CultinovaEDGE  to provide a fully integrated Internet-of-Things layer for seamless compatibility with a wide range of environmental sensors and 3rd-party hardware such as bar-code scanners, RFID systems, scales and web-cams for real-time data gathering from remote growth environments.

CultinovaEDGE  hardware connects to most types of sensor to enable the measurement of parameters that are critical to the performance of CEA operations. Multiple edge cards can be linked together and distributed across a growth environment to realise a truly distributed automatic measurement system.

Furthermore, 3rd-party equipment such as scanners, RFID systems, barcode printers, scales and positioning systems, electricity and water meters can also be connected to provide additional data points and information sources for monitoring operations.

Data from CultinovaEDGE  channels is transferred to Cultinova365 via an Internet connection where it is stored and subsequently integrated with other process data.  

Irrigation & Nutrients

  • Temperature
  • pH
  • Electrical Conductivity
  • Dissolved Oxygen
  • Dissolved CO2
  • Tank Level
  • Flow


  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • CO2
  • Airborne Particulates
  • Air Velocity
  • Air Direction
  • PAR


  • Position
  • Weight
  • Barcodes
  • RFID
  • Electrical Power
  • Water Inlets
  • Waste Outlets

How We Support You

At Cultinova, we understand that the required level of support varies from client-to-client. As such, we provide tailored support options to ensure users get the most out of Cultinova365 depending upon their own unique circumstances.

We can supply light-touch assistance where we help customers in the configuration and ​maintenance
of Cultinova365 via its user interface through to in-depth support where we fully configure Cultinova365 to a client's specification on their behalf.

We also provide consultancy on Internet-of-Things and sensor system performance and design, CEA standard operating procedures and industry best practice as well as customer-specific customisation / white ​labelling
of Cultinova365 technology when required.

Configuration​ Support

We support users in the configuration of Cultinova365  using its no-code user interface. Alternatively, we can configure the system for our customers based upon their own specifications.


We work with experts to provide pre-configured Cultinova365 modules including growth recipes, standard operating procedures and HACCP plans to help accelerate CEA operation development.

Custom Development

We work with partners to customise Cultinova365  to offer bespoke functionality tailored to their requirements. We also offer white-​labelling of Cultinova technology for integration with 3rd-party products & services.

Get a Free Trial!

If you would like a free trial of Cultinova365 , learn more about CultinovaEDGE or Cultinova services, please get contact us.