Products and Services 2017 cultinova  Growth Media and Liquids  Optimising the performance of growth environments in order to maximise crop yield requires an in-depth understanding of the media in which plants are grown. Cultinova monitoring and control systems support high performance soil, substrate and liquid nutrient sensors from leading suppliers for the realisation of soil, substrate, irrigation and fertigation monitoring and control solutions that enable users to optimise crop yield and maximise plant health.   2  Soils and substrates 	Moisture, temperature, electrical conductivity, oxygen and CO2 	Integrate state-of-the-art sensors from most leading suppliers 	Plug-&-Play operation with Cultinova interfaces & hardware 	Full maintenance and operational support     Irrigation and nutrients 	Flow-rate, level, temperature, electrical conductivity and pH 	Easy integration with our interfaces, software & wireless solutions 	Plug-&-Play operation with Cultinova control hardware 	Calibration and support services available     Sensor interfaces 	Easy connection to a wide range of 3rd party sensor elements 	RS485 / SDI12 / RS232 / Analogue / Digital / Switch inputs 	USB RS485 / SDI12 / RS232 outputs 	Waterproof housing with up to 32 interfaces per cable run Products and Services 2017 cultinova  Precision Nutrient Delivery To exploit the ever expanding knowledge base for maximising the yield of crops the precise delivery of irrigant and nutrients to the root zones of plants is required.  The Pump, Valve & Flow Control Unit from Cultinova allows the accurate control of valves and pumps and monitoring of the exact quantities of irrigant and liquid fertiliser supplied.  The implementation of fixed and dynamic irrigation schedules not only optimises crop health but also helps reduce the use of water and liquid fertilisers, realising a positive impact on the environment.     Maximise plant health with recipe-based control  7 Products and Services 2017 cultinova 11  IoT Solutions for Agriculture  Sensors Users Hub Cloud Cloud computing services & data management   Connect a wide range of sensors to the cloud using Cultinova wireless telemetry solutions Push measurement data directly to the Cultinova cloud computing service Optimise decision making processes through analysis and sharing of data Modify irrigation and nutrient delivery schedules remotely via the Cultinova web-portal Define upper and lower parameter limits and receive email alerts when bounds are met Integrate third-party data such as weather forecasting or remote imaging Secure on-line accounts with various levels of access Precision Spectrum  Monitoring and Control  	380-700 nm or 1.5-1.8 m spectral ranges 	4.5nm-9.0nm spectral resolution 	0-2500 μmol m−2 s−1 dynamic range  	Up-to 8 user defined measurement bands 	Integral, average, peak, maximum and minimum measurements 	USB / RS485 / SDI-12 & Wireless Interfaces  	Moisture protection level: IP65 	-10C to +60C Operating Range 	Dimensions: 10cm x 12cm x 15cm 	Weight: 200g Features Specifications 	Precise intensity and wavelength measurement in the VIS or NIR bands 	Temperature and RH measurement options 	Link up-to 32 spectrometers for intensity mapping throughout growth spaces 	Robust waterproof housing 	Clip mount for easy fitting 	Compatible with other Cultinova hardware 	DALI interface driver for closed-loop control of 3rd-party lighting fixtures 	Calibration traceable to national standards Products and Services 2017 Understanding the lighting requirements of crops grown in controlled environments and delivering the right spectrum at the right time is key to optimising plant growth and development.   The iSPEC optical spectrometer from Cultinova has been specially designed for use in horticultural and agricultural environments to accurately measure the spectral distribution of natural and artificial light.  Used as a stand alone instrument of as part of a dynamic lighting control system, the iSPEC spectrometers enables the optimisation and control of lighting conditions for maximising plant health while reducing energy usage. cultinova 3 USE HOW
Build it Yourself
Cultinova monitoring and control systems for precision agriculture and horticulture enable the optimisation of  parameters impacting plant health quality and yield. Our modular and scalable hardware, software and data management solutions enable commercial growers, agronomists and researchers to realise ideal growth environments that are tailored to their crops needs and their commercial goals while reducing the use of natural resources and the associated impact on the environment.
We’ll Build it for You
Develop Something New
Flexibility is key at Cultinova, so we offer our customers a range of options for the development and implementation of optimised precision agricultural and horticultural monitoring and control solutions. From off-the-shelf hardware and software supply through to a full bespoke system development, we support our customers at a level that is suited to their needs. We also work with our customers to develop monitoring and control solutions for use in applications not covered by our existing hardware and software portfolio. Please contact us or more information regarding our development engineering services.
We supply hardware and software directly to you for the realisation of your own agricultural and horticultural monitoring and control solution. Based upon your knowledge, resources and expertise, we provide various levels of technical support to enable you to build and operate bespoke monitoring and control solutions which enable you to understand, influence and optimise the environments in which your plants and crops grow.
The adaptability, versatility and scalability of Cultinova’s monitoring and control solutions make them applicable for use in a wide range of agricultural and horticultural applications. Our hardware and software can be used in virtually any situation where the optimisation of plant health through measurement and control of growth and environmental parameters is required. Our systems find use in arable farming applications, controlled environment agriculture, urban green spaces, environmental monitoring and scientific research.
At Cultinova, we understand that the needs of plants differ based upon type and growth environment. We also recognise that the requirements of those responsible for ensuring crop yield and plant quality vary depending upon knowledge, resources and target market. So to fulfil the requirements of modern precision agriculture and horticulture, we have developed a range of modular, adaptable and scalable hardware and software building-blocks which can be integrated together to realise monitoring and control solutions optimised for any plant type and growth environment.
At Cultinova, we pride ourselves on our experience in the development of cutting-edge sensing and control systems for use within the agricultural and horticultural industries. Utilising our in-depth electronics and software engineering background, we can realise bespoke solutions for our customers, including new types of sensor,  wireless communication systems and software. If you have an idea which you would like to explore, please get in touch.
For those looking for a turn-key agricultural and horticultural monitoring and control solution optimised to their needs, we provide system design, implementation and support service. Provide us with your requirements and we will realise a bespoke system engineered to your specification and ready for installation. We provide advice on system configuration, integration with 3rd-party equipment and infrastructure and links to wireless communication and cloud computing systems.
Cultinova is a brand of Experior Micro Technologies Ltd, a UK electronics and software engineering company. In 2011, we produced our first remotely controlled irrigation system and since then our technology, experience and capabilities have evolved to deliver turnkey sensing and control solutions that cover a wide spectrum of growth growth parameters and approaches to data management which are easily adaptable to virtually any crop and growth environment. The Cultinova range of sensing and control hardware and software is fully customisable to meet both the plant needs and the growers' requirements, enabling new and better ways to cultivate while improving sustainability through minimising the associated affects on the environment. If you have any questions about our technologies or services then please don’t hesitate to get in-touch.
A modular and seamlessly integratable technology solution for optimising parameters critical to plant health Implement lighting, nutrient delivery and climate control recipes tailored to crop type and growth environment Keep it simple - choose only the elements required for your agricultural or horticultural application Future proof - add new elements and functionality as your requirements change Web-based remote data access and growth environment management Wireless connectivity options for remote operation
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The benefits of Cultinova systems:
Measurement & Control We supply a comprehensive range of robust sensor, data-logger and controller solutions to meet the requirements of the most demanding precision agricultural and horticultural monitoring and control applications.         Sensors, Interfaces & Data Loggers         Irrigation and Fertigation Controllers         Artificial Lighting Analysis & Control
Data Management Our powerful and intuitive desktop and cloud- based data management software connects seamlessly to our measurement and control hardware, enabling us to realise high performance data acquisition, analysis and dissemination solutions for our clients.         PC Data-Analysis Tools         Web Applications & IoT Services         Cloud Data Storage & Management
Connectivity We enable our customers to access measurement data and control growth environments remotely from any location with our state-of-the-art wireless communication and cloud computing solutions.         Wireless Telemetry         Wireless Sensor Networks         SIM Cards & Network Access
Vertical Farming
Living Walls
Be it in offices, shopping centres, restaurants or busy city centres, living walls deliver benefits in terms of aesthetics and well-being to those who live and work around them. However, the vertical nature of these growth structures presents new challenges when safeguarding wall health. Adequate irrigant and nutrient delivery across the wall is important, particularly as plant type and exposure to environmental factors such as wind, sunshine and shade differ. Understanding and controlling fertigation in wall zones is key to reducing maintenance costs and ensuring wall longevity and our systems have successfully supported living walls with varying levels of complexity and enabled wall managers to mitigate the risks of wall failure.
Monitoring and control systems have been deployed in greenhouse cultivation for decades. However, ever tighter margins and increased pressures on time and quality require the use of advances in technology to provide growers with a competitive edge for their businesses. From providing the right mix between available natural light and supplementary artificial lighting to invoke desirable chemical and morphological responses in crops, through to the use of precision irrigation to invoke beneficial plant stress to improve crop colour and flavour, our monitoring and control systems provide a platform for greenhouse growers to increase crop quality and yield and therefore the profitability of their businesses.
Vertical farms, plant factories and indoor and urban farms arguably benefit the most from precision monitoring and control technology. Costs, particularly cap-ex and energy consumption, the requirement for a wider range of crop varieties and drivers towards ever higher quality produce are examples of the challenges faced by the industry. Currently available greenhouse motoring and control systems might not always be the best choice for the vertical farming operations as new growth configurations, media and plant varieties are introduced. The inherent flexibility and scalability of our modular technology empowers users to realise optimised solutions , ideally suited to plant needs and commercial goals.
Arable Farming
Traditionally, decision making processes in arable farming are based upon inherited knowledge and experience gained though many years of trial and error. While this often serves farmers well, the decision making process can be improved through the use of information gained by monitoring of plants, soils and the climate in arable cultivation environments. The data from such measurements can be enriched with information coming from other sources, such as satellite imaging, to help farmers react earlier to potential problems and make more efficient use of resources. The remote operation capabilities of our hardware together with web-based data access makes it perfectly suited to monitoring and controlling open-field environments.
Research & Development
The effects of the use of fertilisers and pesticides on ground-water, damage to soils though intensive farming practices and changes to natural ecosystems within farmed areas are all aspects which require attention in the drive towards more sustainable farming practices. Our wireless monitoring solutions can be used in conjunction with a wide variety of environmental sensor to monitor environmental parameters at remote locations and the data generated viewed on- line  to provide an invaluable insight into the relationships between farming activities and the natural environment.
Research is the driver for innovation. A lot of invaluable knowledge stems from world- class scientific research aimed at increased crop productivity, quality and environmental sustainability. Cultinova modular hardware and software solutions are ideally suited for research and development applications. Our systems enable researchers to experiment with growth and environmental parameters in their research facilities conducting single or multiple plant trials at varying levels of technical complexity. Thanks to their adaptability and scalability, Cultinova systems enable the smooth transition from laboratory experiments to large-scale growth environments, implementing the lessons learned and enabling innovative cultivation. 
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