What we do

Cultinova is a boutique engineering consultancy specialising in the development, implementation and support of technology solutions that enable the efficient and productive growth of plants & alternative protein sources under controlled conditions.

Using a blend of our own high-performance hardware and software, and equipment from 3rd-party suppliers, we supply customised systems that enable the precise control of growth conditions and the gathering, management and visualisation of data from growth environments.

Since 2012, we have delivered technology solutions to a wide range of clients and partners in industry and academia, from the development of new types of sensor through to the design, manufacture and supply of complete monitoring, control and cloud-based data management solutions.

Our Expertise

Cutting-edge technology development lies at the core of what we do. Our dedicated engineering team has many years of experience in the design, manufacture and implementation of sensing, control and software solutions for controlled environment agriculture. 

We also have access to an extensive network of CEA experts, academics, industry partners and trusted technology suppliers to ensure the delivery of a wide range of solutions for both large and small-scale installations.


  • Sensing & Control Systems
  • Lighting Control
  • System Integration
  • Equipment Interoperability
  • Prototyping & Manufacturing


  • Custom Control Software
  • Farm Management Software
  • Cloud Solutions & Web Applications
  • Dashboards & Data Management
  • Data Traceabillty & Security


  • Technology Selection
  • Innovation & Product Development
  • Retrofits & Scale-Ups
  • Technology Due Dilligence
  • Project Management 

Example Projects

Over the past 10 years, Cultinova has delivered a variety of technology solutions to industrial clients and academia operating in the field of controlled environment agriculture.

In many cases, the success of these projects has led to long-term collaborative relationships being formed which has resulted in us continuing to supply technology solutions and associated support to these clients through to the present day.

Below we have listed some of the projects we have undertaken which show the diversity of the type of solution that we have delivered.  

Multi-Zone Sensing, Control and Data Management System

Our client needed to maximise the use of available space in a re-purposed growth room by running experiments on different crops at the same time. We built a custom sensing, control and software solution for spectral control of LED luminaires from various manufacturers, together with environmental monitoring and irrigation / fertigation control for three separate growth zones. The resulting system utilised 100 separate data channels to monitor trials of medical cannabis, sweet-potato and tomato crops running in parallel. 

Control System for High Efficiency Horticultural Lighting

Reducing energy use remains one of the main challenges for the economic and environmental sustainability of indoor growing. Working with a German university and a supplier of high-performance LED luminaires, Cultinova developed a multi-spectral lighting control system for indoor growth, which optimises light intensity and power usage tp reflect the requirements of the crop and intelligently manages excess heat to maximise the energy efficiency of controlled environment agriculture operations.

Environmental Microclimate Monitoring in Growth Rooms

Growing plants in controlled environments offers huge potential in terms of providing the optimum conditions for maximised crop yield. However, ensuring the uniform distribution of parameters such as temperature, humidity, light intensity, air-flow and CO2 can be a challenge.Cultinova advised the client on the ideal positioning of sensors for precision microclimate monitoring and togeter with a HVAC equipment supplier installed an environmental control system that maintained optimum climatic conditions throughout the  growth cycle.

Smart-Office-Farm Growth Cabinet with Multi-Spectral Lighting

CEA on the micro-scale offers possibilities for hyper-local crop production such as leafy greens in environments including shops, cafes, offices and schools. Working together with our client, a lighting supplier and mechanical fabrication company, Cultinova developed a mobile growth cabinet for indoor use. The Smart-Office-Farm offers multi-spectral lighting control, environmental monitoring and flood-&-drain irrigation management on three independent levels. The system is fully automated and can be controlled remotely via an Internet connection.

Control and Data Management System for Lemna Production

Lemna is a floating aquatic plant which offers a source of protein for use as a supplement in animal feed and foodstuffs for human consumption. The conditions for efficient lemna growth are quite specific, with temperature, light spectrum, water agitation and nutrient content all requiring precise control. Working with industrial and academic partners, Cultinova is supporting the development of a scaleable growth solution for commercial lemna production. Remote parameter monitoring and data management form part of the Cultinova technology offering. 

Dynamic Lighting Control System for Greenhouses & Hybrid Systems

LED lighting can be used to manipulate plant characteristics and maximise crop yields. However, questions remain regarding the energy related costs and sustainability of LED lighting systems in controlled environment agriculture. Working together with a UK consortium, Cultinova developed a multi-spectral LED lighting system that used real-time ambient light spectroscopy to intelligently supplement sunlight to increase biomass yields and morphology of basil and strawberries while significantly reducing the amount of energy used over a growth cycle.

How we work

At Cultinova, we understand that requirements vary between clients based upon their experience and available resources. As such, we tailor our approach to ensure our customers and partners get the most out of working with us based upon their business context or set of circumstances.

We happily support existing projects and engineering teams or can work independently to deliver complete technology solutions to a pre-defined set of requirements. 

We are familiar with contemporary approaches to project management and view on-time and in-cost delivery as a prerequisite to successful project completion.